NASA SMD AI Workshop 2024

4th NASA Science Mission Directorate Artificial Intelligence Workshop
March 25-27th, 2024
Jackson Center, Huntsville, AL

This workshop is supported by the NASA Chief Science Data Office, emphasizing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for science. It focuses on exploring and applying foundation models (FMs) in science. Building on the momentum generated by recent results of FMs, we aim to delve deeper into how these powerful AI advances can be specifically harnessed within various scientific disciplines. The workshop brings together domain scientists, computer scientists, AI experts, and other professionals to address following challenges in AI for science:

Expected Outcomes:

Organizing Committee from each NASA Center:

Steering Committee

Code of Conduct

This meeting will be held following the Transform to Open Science Code of Conduct.

Notes for Civil Servants

NASA civil servants need to request NASA Conference Tracking System (NCTS) approval using NCTS #49925-24.