Dashboard Configuration

Dataset and Discovery publication in the VEDA Dashboard

This guide explains how to publish content in the VEDA Dashboard, the graphical user interface for exploring NASA Earth Data datasets and science stories VEDA UI.

By following this document, you should have a good understanding of how to start from having an idea for some content to show on the VEDA Dashboard all the way to having your data and content appear in the production version of the VEDA Dashboard. Detailed technical documentation for each of the steps is available on GitHub and other places, links provided in the Appendix below.

flowchart LR
    A(Data & Content Prep) --> B{Is the data already in VEDA?}
    B -->|No| C[Go to Dataset Ingestion]
    C --> E
    B -->|Yes| E{Do you have a story?}
    E -->|Yes| D[Go to Discovery Configuration]
    E -->|No| F[Go to Dataset Configuration]
    click C "../dataset-ingestion/index.html" "Docs on Dataset Ingestion" _blank
    click D "./discovery-configuration.html" "Docs on Discovery Configuration" _blank
    click F "./dataset-configuration.html" "Docs on Dataset Configuration" _blank

Data & Content Preparation

This is an important step before ingesting or configuring anything within VEDA. This will set you up for success in later steps.

Key Steps

🧑‍💻 Collaborate with partners familiar with the data context, to draft the necessary content.

For Discoveries, the required content is:

  1. Text for the actual story itself

  2. Any visuals you would like to include, whether that be images, charts, maps, or other

    1. If maps, identify which dataset and layer you would like to show and whether that is included in VEDA. (⚠️ If the dataset is not yet included in VEDA you’ll have to provide information about it and configure it as explained below).

    2. If charts, gather the relevant data to build the chart. A csv file is the most common, but json is also supported

  3. A cover image for the dataset as it will appear in the Dashboard

  4. A title and short description/sub-title (5-10 words) for the Discovery

Next step: Discovery Configuration.

For Datasets, the required content is:

  1. A descriptive overview of the dataset, how it came to exist, who maintains it, and how it should be used
  2. Short descriptions for each layer that you will want to reveal within VEDA (an example of this would be “CO2 mean vs CO2 difference”) for users to explore on a map
  3. A cover image for the dataset as it will appear in the Dashboard
  4. Any other relevant metadata you might want included https://nasa-impact.github.io/veda-docs/contributing/dashboard-content.html
  5. For any datasets that need to be ingested, convert data to Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs) (⚠️ This is currently the only format supported in the VEDA Dashboard. More formats to come in the future)

Next step: If your data is already in VEDA go to Dataset Configuration. Otherwise go to Dataset Ingestion.